South Parade Pier – Waves Crashing into Stones


Stood on the concrete support for one of the legs of South Parade Pier and recorded the sound of the waves slamming into the stones. Got a really good stereo spread using the A/B placement of the inbuilt mics, small bit of noise/wind, from where I was stood. You can really hear the waves crashing from left to right infront of you if you listen with headphones.


Bath Water Emptying – Hydrophone Recording

Just a quick post. JrF Basic Hydrophone in bath water. I hit record and pulled the plug out and this is the sound of the entire bath emptying.

Belle Isle Ambience – A/B Spaced Pair


Tascam DR-07 mkII set up on the table, in an A/B Spaced Pair, on the left hand side of the table in the photograph, pointing out towards the middle of the restaurant. The conversation between Graeme and Paul can be heard towards the left side of the sound field.
This is my first ever ambience recording and I am pretty happy with the outcome, and think, especially through headphones, it sounds great, with a nice wide stereo image.

Foxes Forest – Water droplets into the creek from 3 different twigs/leaves using Hydrophone.


The hydrophone was placed in the water at the small indent in the bank of the creek in the foreground of the photograph. There were 3 different leaves/twigs overhanging the water which had water droplets dripping off the into the creek. This is the result after some small editing in Logic (EQ and Denoiser). Sounds pretty interesting, in my opinion.

Rain On Window – First experimental recordings

Still learning to use the equipment I’ve got.
Two recordings of rain on the same window; one is X/Y stereo microphone (built in to Tascam DR-07 mkII) and one JrF basic contact microphone attached to the window.

First Post!

Everyone has to start somewhere!

So this week is my first real shot at starting out as a field recordist. I may be starting small with a Tascam DR-07 mkII, a JrF Contact Mic and a JrF Hydrophone, but hopefully the creativity and excitement to explore with it will spur me on to further myself in this field (excuse the pun) of audio.